Snow Caps Moonbreak

The second full length from one of Philadelphia's finest emerging artists, Moonbreak is a humble, yet complex, collection of carefully arranged bedroom pop songs. Recorded entirely by Andrew Keller in various rooms over the past two years in between epic tours as a member of the Philadelphia band Hermit Thrushes, Moonbreak is a deceptively sparse album of primarily voice, nylon-stringed guitar, bass, and percussion. As with Snow Caps' first album, Baby Bird, however, the instrumentation here is transformed into an overflowing cauldron of color, beauty, and bittersweet longing. A semi-instrumental album (5 songs contain no vocals), Moonbreak marries Keller's skill at crafting intricate guitar arrangements with his penchant for offbeat yet touching songwriting that always has a spark of hope, no matter how despaired or lost the lyrics become.

The packaging for this album was designed by local Philadelphia artist, Emily Royer, who has designed artwork for Snow Caps in the past. Each CD comes packaged with a marvelous pop-up construction that is completely hand-cut and assembled by Emily and Edible Onion and is part of a limited edition of 500 records.

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Snow Caps - Moonbreak

Released on February 15th, 2011

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01. Beauty and the Beauty
02. Hope and Silence
03. Roses
04. A Way
05. Quark
06. Stretched
07. The Prince and the Prince
08. Moonbroken Heart
09. Neue
10. Moonbreak
11. Washington
12. No Name #2
13. Moldy Bread