Br'er & The Chord And The Fawn
The Soft Mountain & This Has To Be Meant To Be Split

This record compiles EPs by Br'er and The Chord And The Fawn. Br'er's side is a brand new EP entitled The Soft Mountain, which was recorded in the summer of 2009 in Asheville, North Carolina by band leader, Benjamin Schurr. Forgoing much (but not all) of the foreboding intensity and dissonant menace found on their previous LP's, Br'er's newest EP finds the moody and eccentric band in their most accessible form to date. Both musically and thematically, The Soft Mountain represents a deliberate attempt on Benjamin's part to create a series of songs that perfectly distilled the Appalachian Mountains' particular effect on his outlook and state of mind (a state he found in stark contrast to the bleak, industrial landscape of his [thus far] life long home of Philadelphia). Originally written with just a harmonium, a ukulele and the sparse percussive toy here and there, Benjamin, as on previous Br'er records, called upon a wide array of musicians to help him add to an immense variety of timbres and colors to his once sparse compositions. With instruments ranging from singing saws to clarinets, violins, accordions and marimbas, the body of this particular Br'er line-up is easily the warmest and most organic iteration of the band yet assembled, with the final product being a decidedly (and deceptively) more minimal and pop-oriented Br'er than exhibited previously. But as the subdued arrangements and serene melodies recall the lush, laid back atmosphere of the Smoky Mountains, the lyrics and reflections within reveal darker currents lurking beneath tranquil peaks and peaceful facades.

The Chord And The Fawn's side contains their 2008 EP, This Has To Be Meant To Be, which was originally self-released by the band as a handpackaged CD-R. This will be Edible Onions first release by The Chord And The Fawn, and we are delighted to bring you this modest collection of unassuming yet entirely charming pop gems, featuring Dani's velvety vocal melodies accompanied by ukulele, bells, and flute. The songs summery instrumentation and musical trajectory wonderfully compliment their lyrics which are chiefly concerned with themes of love, won and lost, and the range of emotions felt within a relationship that is over as quickly as it starts

Each 12" is packaged in a hand-cut & hand-sewn, felt 12" sleeve with your choice of three colors (green, baby blue, and pink), and all of the labels are hand-numbered and hand-painted.

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Br'er & The Chord And The Fawn - The Soft Mountain & This Has To Be Meant To Be Split

Released on August 17th, 2010

Out of Print


Side A: Br'er ~ The Soft Mountain
1. Whitewash
2. Crocus
3. Have Mercy On My Soul
4. Why I Deserve To Die Alone
5. Loss

Side B: The Chord And The Fawn ~ This Has To Be Meant To Be
1. Right As Rain
2. The Boy
3. Assuming Makes An Ass Out Of You And Me
4. Young Executive
5. Ahlou